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I've tried a number of expired domain finding tools and services but the support from DomCop is second to none. It's in my top two of tools to use, and the best I've used for crawling.

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What Are Premium Domains?

What Are Premium Domains?

A premium domain name is a domain with a special name that the registry sells at a higher price than ordinary domain registrations.

The name could be premium because it's short or a popular term. Such domains are easier for brandability and have a higher level of trust associated with them. It's the scarcity of good domain names that makes these domains premium.

A premium business name domain is often considered a smart business investment.

Is it profitable to buy domains?

Is it profitable to buy domains?

Yes. It sure is.

Many domain investors flip domains for a profit. Others sell complete authority websites by adding relevant content to a domain (often on a simple wordpress blog). Still others will create authority websites and sell backlinks on them. There are so many ways to make money with powerful domains.

The tough part is knowing the domain's value and finding the right platform for domain sales.

Which domains are for sale?

Which domains are for sale?

There are many domain marketplaces where you can find premium domain names. The top marketplaces are - GoDaddy Auctions, Sedo, DynaDot auctions, NameCheap Premium domains, Bido, Flippa, Uniregistry and Namepros.

While low level domains can be purchased using PayPal, the premium domains are often paid for using escrow services. The escrow fees are generally shared between the buyer and seller.

Can you buy a premium domain name permanently?

Can you buy a premium domain name permanently?

Domains can be registered for upto 10 years and then renewed periodically. Many domain name registrars will charge a large amount upfront for a premium domain name registration, but after that the yearly charges are the same as for all domains.

How do I find and register a premium domain?

How do I find and register a premium domain?

If you have a particular domain name in mind and see that it is not available to register, then your best bet is to directly contact the owner of the domain and buy it from them. You can find their contact information from WhoIs websites.

If you want to find a premium domain name for your business, then you should look for such premium names while searching in GoDaddy or NameCheap. They will list the price of the premium domains and you can buy them directly. If you are not sure about the name, you can enter keywords related to your industry and they will show you relevant domain names for successful sale.

If you are not sure which name you want, cannot come up with any ideas, and only know that you want a premium one, then go for domain resellers like Brand Bucket. They have fixed prices and have a large number of domains that they have acquired purely for reselling. You can also look at domain auction websites like GoDaddy or DynaDot to see what domains are currently being bid on.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Domain For Sale?

In the new internet era, having a good domain name is critical to online businesses. Not only does this improve your brand value and online presence, a domain with powerful backlinks will make it very easy to outrank your competitiors in Google. Additionally a premium brand name will be top of mind for your customers.

There are two types of domains you need to know about -

- Premium Domain for sale: These are domain with excellent brandablity, and a popular TLD.

- Expired Domains for sale: These are domains with a great backlink profile.

When you look for a domain, you want to keep both of these in mind. Some people purchase premium domains for their brand value, while others purchase expired domains for their backlinks. Smart marketers purchase domains that have both!

The best place to find both is at DomCop - an expired domain search engine, where you will find premium expired domains. They have domains from multiple domain auctions list on their website. SEO and marketing people prefer DomCop as they focus on providing quality backlink metrics.

The DomCop support team is the best I've ever found, fast and friendly and always available to add new features to give us customers the best experience! The price and impressive service make me feel at home with DomCop. If you try the free trial you will never go away

Paolo Mauroner
Paolo Mauroner


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